Nikolay Zavarukhin: «I know Novosibirsk counts on me»

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The exclusive interview of Nikolay Zavarukhin about returning to Novosibirsk, prefered playing style and learning from the experienced colleagues.

- You left Siberian Snipers three years ago to try your hand in the KHL. Do you remember the conversation with Kirill Fastovskiy?

- He said that in the future we will still be able to work together - and that’s what happened. There were no problems: everybody understood that I could grow in the KHL.

- When did you realize that you were ready to work as a head coach?
- I was ready to lead Sibir before, but then there was a different situation. It was necessary to take the team during the season. And now we made the transfer policy together. Probably, now I’m completely ready.

- Why did you invite Oleg Orekhovskiy to the coaching staff?
- We work together in Neftekhimik. I really liked how he worked with defenders. I share Oleg’s views on hockey.

- What game should we expect from your Sibir?
- The game will focus on team play. I also said it at the first meeting: if one catches the puck, another stops the opponent, the third shoots and the fourth plays with the goalkeeper - it will give a result.

- There are a lot of players from Siberian Snipers. Which of them do you count on?
- Most of these guys work hard. I hope that Alexey Yakovlev will be able to find his place in the team. Nikita Shashkov should make rivals make mistakes in their mobility with forechecking. I also want to try Nikita Korotkov and Alexander Loktev. They will have a chance.

- What do you remember about Novosibirsk during your previous work in this city?
- Here are loyal fans and good people at the club. I feel that they count on me here. For a coach, such trust is very important.

Dmitriy Yerykalov, sport24