Harri Sateri: «Nieminen figured out me a nickname “Salad”»

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"Looking for the top goalie was a priority for us. You cannot play hockey without a goalkeeper. Last season, we felt this to the fullest” - Sibir's general manager Kirill Fastovskiy.

- Did you have any chances to play not in the KHL?
- When I went back to the NHL, I want to give myself a chance to play some NHL games. Luckily, I got couple. But last year – I didn’t get a chance at all. I decided that it’s time to come back. The KHL is much better than the AHL.

- Was it important that Oleg Orekhovkiy also came to Sibir?
- It’s always a better situation to come here when you know some coaches. I liked him in Vityaz.

- A lot of players from Tappara played in Novosibirsk. Do people follow Sibir in Tampere?
- Tampere is a hockey city. People here follow the NHL and the KHL games. They know what’s going on. People know about Sibir because last year Jukka Peltola played here. He is a big name in Tappara, ex-captain.

- What were the arguments Jukka told you to come to Sibir?
- Great city. Good people. Good organization.

- What can you say about Ville Nieminen and his sense of humor?
- Everyone knows his humor. Nieminen is a very respected guy in Finland. When I was a junior. I had some excess weight. My coach was trying to get me skinny. I liked the chickens wings. And Ville Nieminen figured out a nickname for me. “Salad”, because I tried to eat more salad.

- Some time ago there was a story about Jori Lehtera and cocaine. Do you believe it?
- I don’t believe in it. He is a famous guy and they need to bring something up, they just need a case.

- What can you say about Alexey Krasikov?
- He is being great to me. He is helping me with the language, he is translating everything. He is a good goalie, I have to be really good to be number one.

Dmitriy Yerykalov, sport24